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Why Choose Us?

  • Classes sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 to ensure everyone gets sufficient time to explore and/or perform their work.

  • All students get equal feedback, direction and performance time.

  • Classes are rigorous and you'll be expected to work hard and aim for progression. 

  • Commitment and a positive professional attitude are valued & expected.

  • You will be encouraged to work at the class/course level you're at. There are no 'rules' or hidden hoops to jump through. 

  • You will be encouraged to be your own cheerleader and critique your own work professionally and objectively.

  • You will be pushed creatively using ethical, safe and specific teaching techniques.

  • You will learn in an inclusive, safe space (please also see our policies below)

  • You will work in professional, clean and spacious studios.

  • You will be given direction and feedback that is technique-based and actionable. No confusing, unclear or general notes!

  • You are guaranteed to become a better, more successful actor AND feel great during the process.

  • You will not be asked to endure the myth that bullying is somehow 'prep for the industry.' You will be treated like a human and trained to work with industry professionals who respect you.

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