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Lotte Ruth Johnson

Founder & Head of Training

"I work in a way that is encouraging, inclusive and will help actors to reach goals in a healthy, sustainable approach.

Technique is important but can only get you so far. Positive mindset, hard work, fun and collaboration are what makes great artists. It is my job to help actors to uncover what is getting in the way of their creativity.

The Actors Cove is about brining people together to support each other and train at a high level, without the huge price tag. The classes combine a rigorous technical training informed by over a decade of working as a coach and director, with a whole load of fun. "

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Adam Courting

Writing & Voice Acting Tutor

Adam Courting is an actor, writer and producer, who won the BBC Radio 2019 Norman Beaton fellowship Award.

He has written, performed and produced comedy sketches, theatre and puppetry in Edinburgh, London and Madrid; as well as plays, films, raps, poetry and spoken word for radio, theatre and live shows.

Other creative interests include: devising, facilitating and teaching. He is also an active member of 'Do The Right Scene': and all-black improv troupe.

For The Actors Cove Adam teaches Writing for Radio, Writing Comedy Sketches and Voice Acting.

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Markus Flanagan

Meisner Tutor

Markus is an actor and coach based in Los Angeles. Markus has appeared in TV and movies such as Friends, Will & Grace, Supernatural, Bones, Agents of Shield, CSI and many more. 

Markus trained at the Neighborhood Playhouse NYC with Sanford Meisner himself. He brings this wonderful practice to The Actors Cove students online and in person.

Markus also runs his own LA Acting Classes at Westlake Acting Studio, the students of which join us regularly for the LA Studio Mashup.

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