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The Professional Practice Group is an invitation-only group for actors who want to stay accountable, train, share, network and make work with other like-minded, career focussed actors. The aim of this group is create a supportive network of professionals where we encourage a positive mindset and an active approach to creating and finding work. You'll have a space, a group & a professional coach to come to with all your career concerns and achievements. Most importantly you'll be encouraged to set goals and push yourself through your creative or personal barriers. How does it work? The group will meet every two weeks. You can pay per session or book a package of sessions if you want to commit to pushing yourself to achieve specific goals. Each session you'll be encouraged to stay accountable by sharing what steps you've taken, any progress you've made and what action you're currently taking to move your career forwards. You can also share any challenges and obstacles you're facing. You'll be able to share and receive advice from other actors as well as coaching from TAC founder Lotte Ruth Johnson. What will we do? Each session the group will work on a creative project- the content of the sessions will be based on what the group need and request. Examples are: workshopping a new piece of writing, sharing something for feedback, looking at an audition piece, helping each other with self-tapes, devising new work together, movement and/or voice sessions. Although the sessions are flexible, you will be guided and led through them by Lotte to make the most of the time. The session could be whole group tasks, small group work or individual. How do I take part? To be invited to join the group actors should be actively seeking work by regularly sending in self-tapes, auditioning, networking and taking steps to further their career in addition to regular training. A social media presence is strongly encouraged as part of this. If you feel like this is you and you're currently attending a class or a course with TAC, please email to register your interest. If you're new to The Actors Cove, come along to one of our Drop-In classes to get a feel for the way we work & let us know you're interested in Professional Practice. We're Stronger Together! NB: There are no other/hidden requirements to join the group. This is not intended to be exclusive or excluding in any way. We hope it will act as a support for any actor wanting to push their career forwards.

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