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IMPROV SKILLS: Drilling Down to the Core

Improv training like you've never experienced. With Adam Courting

  • 55 British pounds

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Improv Skills: Drilling Down To The Core! Starring: You. Guest directed by: Me [Adam Courting] We have four hours to play….so what are we going to do? Having witnessed participants on the online course Improv Skills: Re:imagined have a lot of fun, alongside enduring a lot of pain [in the Caterpillar into Butterfly sense] I decided that: That format and content rocks, we should do an in-person version that offers a space for additional exploration. So what do we do in this ‘format’, I hear you ask? The answer is simple: we do the basics. And we drill them and change the angles we approach them from, flip the perspective and Inception™ our way into your brain so we can do a little tinkering and escape before the alarm clock rings. Make sense? If that was a little too abstract for you, here is a less plagiarised version: We’ll explore and drill four key improv skills: Stepping out, Noticing, Listening, Specificity You will create your own toolkit to either enable you or enhance your ability to enter and ‘survive’ any scene Build confidence in your playing style and start to stretch out into others Advance your own communication skills so you can apply this to either improv, acting, or your own personal/professional lives The aim is to keep it simple and actionable. The masterclass content is made up of things I have learned from my several years improvising in short form and long-form acapella musical improv, various improvisers/improv teachers I have seen along the way: Lee Simpson (Improbable/The Comedy Store Players), Ruth Bratt (Showstoppers, and a million other things), Jonathan Cope (The Free Association), Forest School leaders: Patrick Harrison, Richard Skrein and Jon Cree, my sifu David Lomax, my own Forest School practice and five years working in corporate skills training. We have four hours. So come down and make sure you're fed, watered and rested so that we can make the most of your session. Get in touch with any questions:

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