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Film Set


Get real. Take yourself seriously. Do the work.

A two day actors workshop like no other.

13th & 14th Jan 2024


Seven Dials Playhouse

1A Tower St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9NP

No you will not learn about text analysis or Meisner. This is a workshop for people who want to REALLY do the work. To go deep, get really honest and face their fears.


You will fully immerse yourself in the BIG questions.

Is this industry right for me?

What is in my way?

Am I actually good enough?

How can I get noticed?

Why haven't I made it yet?

How can I stop comparing myself to to others?

Is it worth it?

How Much Do I Really Want This?

Film Production

What Is It?

If you are accepted into the Momentum programme you'll join Lotte Ruth Johnson (founder of The Actors Cove and LJ Coaching) and you'll work in a small group of selected participants all going through the same thing, learning and discovering together. You'll be guided through individual and group exercises that will stimulate creative thinking and new processes of discovery.


You'll get to work through the dark thoughts we rarely say aloud. You'll come face to face with that part of you that is saying 'this is too hard' or I'm not good enough' or maybe the part of you that says 'never give up.' You'll decide how much you want to listen.

Why Now?

The acting industry is a mess. Making a success of yourself as an actor is VERY hard, harder than ever before. You have to be sure you want it because there are very few 'big breaks' offered. It's a lifestyle that has broken people and elevated others and there is little control over your own fate.

The rise of AI and the writers & actors strikes have made everyone take a hard look at what we do. People are starting to see that you cannot 'hobby' your way into the industry and being a great actor doesn't equal success. You have to do the 'work'. Even when no one is watching. You have to live and breathe it. It can't just be a job. It has to be part of who you are!

Momentum is designed to help you discover if being an actor is really right for you, which steps to take and how to gain Momentum in your acting career,


or maybe somewhere else...

If you want to know more or to apply to take part please get in touch.

"As a practitioner Lotte has an intuition that allows her to know exactly how to help me unravel any blocks I feel standing in my way as well as practical tasks that allow me to find the answers myself...I can't recommend working with Lotte enough and am certain that the impact that our time together has had will guide me forever." 

Jade Dowsett-Roberts, Actor


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