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Redownload Ie9 UPD

Use this FAQ to help diagnose and address common questions that come up with different calculator deployments. Please contact support with any questions you have when deploying or using the calculators. Feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at (612) 331-2291.More information can be found at:V3 General FAQV3 Deployment FAQV3 Customize FAQV3 FeaturesLatest update instructions: Update Instructions 12/31/2022How do I get rid of the "KJE Calculator License Not Found for: (website)" on my calculators?All calculator deployments are keyed to a specific production website. Normally, a license is limited to one website unless a special use license has been purchased. If you see the message above you may have deployed the calculators on a website different than the one originally licensed. We can change the production website for you which you can install with a normal update from us. Please email us to get the production license changed.If you see this error message on a development, test or QA server please email us at the link above. We can add as many development, test or QA servers to your license key as you need to support your website.We use iFrames and the calculators don't appear for IE9When the calculators load, a tiny bit of code is called to initialize the calculator. Normally the code is called when the browser's page has loaded (the actual event is DOMContentLoaded). IE9 usually sends this event just fine, but it fails when the calculator page is launched within an iFrame. We generally don't recommend iFrames for aesthetic reason, but this issue is a technical one that can be fixed forcing the calculator to initialize. If you contact us, we can modify your calculator package to include this bit of code for you. You can then redownload your full calculator package and replace the PARAMS filesOr, if you prefer, you can modify the Params.js files for each of your calculators by adding this line at the end:if (KJE.IE9) KJE.init();

Redownload ie9

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