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2020-01-26_Just Finished A Very Long Shooting D...

Nolley and many of the Bearcats were ready Wednesday, particularly from long range. He hit his first two 3-pointers of the night and finished 4-for-9. Senior Jeremiah Davenport hit 4-for-8 after missing all of his 3-balls Sunday against Houston. Freshman Josh Reed and senior Mika Adams-Woods were a combined 5-for-5.

2020-01-26_Just finished a very long shooting d...

The long-range shots were falling Wednesday as the Bearcats made seven of their first nine 3-pointers and finished the half 10-for-14 for 71.4%. The 10 triples were the most ECU had allowed in any game this season. The 10 long balls were the most in a half by UC since they drained 13 in the second half against Arizona in Maui.

BRIAN DABOLL: Well, I'm never really happy ever. You know it's always on to the next week. I'm glad we won, but like I say every week, there's certain things to clean up, and this week is no exception. There were some good things we did. I thought offense got off to a fast start, did a good job of converting 3rd downs, did a good enough job in the red zone, took care of the ball defensively, got the ball out there when they were going into the red zone, had a critical 4th down stop. At critical moments that was good, but we gave up too many yards, we didn't capitalize in the red zone. Didn't finish the game we should have finished the game. There're always things to clean up.

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, played good. Everybody knows we have Saquon [RB Saquon Barkley], so it's tough sledding. I thought Kaf [Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka] did a great job coming out throwing, moved the ball down, scored on that first drive, kept them honest. It's never going to be pretty. There's usually going to be stacked boxes, and might be one or two, and as long as we keep doing it, but with the added element of I'd say Daniel today, which what did he have, over 100 yards, I think, and threw for 200? Yeah, played good again, played really the way we need him to play.

"I remember the coaches would come in and give a pretty brief pre-game speech. I think they had mustered all that they had all season long. During the tournament, they were pretty brief. They were like, 'you know what you're doing. You just need to go out there and play together. So then we as captains would just kind of gather the team and look around the circle and just affirm one another left and right. Like, 'you are the best post in the Big Sky. You are the best shooting guard, and if we just believe those things and stick together, we can do anything out here. Let's play for this circle. Not for anyone else's expectations but for one another one last time." - Claire Faucher

Training so far: Over the summer, I worked to get consistent with my runs, aiming to run or cross-train with yoga every day of the workweek, with a longer run on the weekend. I got married in August, which threw me off my training regimen for a little bit. I did manage to get one run in with my dad and one of my bridesmaids the weekend of the wedding and a few runs in on my honeymoon in Spain.

Deb,I know it is very difficult when a daughter is doing criminal activities and we do not understand how or why they would these things. First, it is not your fault she has chosen to do these things. Next, making her leave was the best things by you could have done. At this point they need a wake up call but they are not listening to what we are telling them. It is a long road and I can honestly say I am still wondering what the future will bring for my daughter. I had to remove myself from her. I honestly felt like God closed all doors for my daughter so she could finally realize she needs help. I pray for you and hope your daughter sees the truth on what she needs to do.

Unlike alot of you all I just found the proof my 32 yr old is on drugs. This friday after she was taking a very very long shower I was almost 100% sure she was doing drugs but had no proof until this past friday. After her shower I went into her room and in a little black makeup bag in a gray soft bag I picked it up and there was a pipe in it not a weed pipe but a pipe that is used for something else and then a baggie fell out! So if she isnt using why did she take it into the shower and why does she evenhave the pipe? Like most of yall what so I do now where so I turn now. She has our 2 grand kids. I have never been so at a loss like I am in a different world. Like this all isnt real.

I hear my 24 year old daughter is doing (G) when i comfront her she says she is not. By let weight loss and the look on her face, i know she is. The thing is she has a 6 year old son and I feel like I need to take him. First I do not know how, also I cant prove she is on drugs never have seen her do it, my grandsons father is in rehab and has been for the last year. My daughter insists she is not on drugs. I just lost my 21 year old son to a drive by shooting 5 years ago and dont think I can lose another child. I pray everyday and I am sooooo scared.

I have come to the conclusion that If a person is going to become addicted to drugs or alcohol then there is Nothing a parent can do to stop them from abusing. I have a 27 year old daughter that I did Everything to keep her from abusing her body with drugs. I told her that there was addiction issues on both sides of her parents and she saw first hand the ravages of alcohol with her father. It did not deter her from drinking and doing illegal drugs. She has tried to commit suicide twice and is now on the run from the law.We as parents have got to stop beating ourselves up for the path our adult children have chosen. My husband and I are devasted by my daughters actions.I belong to a group of concerned parents who have all dealt with addicted adult children. It helps to talk with other people who know the heartache that this disease brings. I would encourage anyone out there that is dealing with this horror to please get into a support group for your own peace of mind.

Hello. My 23 yr old daughter is also a drug addict. Her addiction is heroin, although she speedballs, did meth ecsttasy, and anything else. She is currently in prison. I found out 2 urs ago and moved swiftly into tuff love mode, not paying car ins,car tax, and licking her out. She used sold heroin prosituted, anything for drugs. She has threatened to kill me, say she has been abused because i ruined her life by not bailing her out of jail when she was still in county. I have had numerouse people tell me to flee for mu life. I do not enable her. I used to miss her i longed for her. I have realized in time i miss what i thought she should and could be. I no longer miss her because she is an animal. I cut a deal with DA at one point to get rehab n no prison time, she was kicked out. She was kicked out of tewatment in prison. She is now currently in disiplinary segregation aka the hole for not obeying orders. Her fathers grandma continues to give her money and give her a car when she gets out. I can not get gma to stop. My daughters dad was an alcoholic and she enabled him to death. I have had enough. I cant help her. I cant change nothing bit me. I am in counselling and it has been great to b validated iny thinking. I have a great church group full of recovering addicts which has helped. I pray for my daughter i pray God will release her from these demons. That is all I can do. She is also into black magic and sends me pictures with upside down crosses wtc. She is very sick and me and counsellor believe she is sociapathic. i pray for all of us in this. Nobody here is alone. I have turned this pain into consstructive healing as i niw hand out narcan kits to users10 lives have been saved that I am aware of. may God help us all! Seek counselling and this is survival it is you or them. The active user is not your child anymore bit a shadow of there former self. Live your life it is hard everyday brings new pain and sorrow but they not only kill thselves they kill tou too. Mine in prison is still keeping contact with her user friends and former customers. She may even b using in there, seems lime it and yes therw is plenty if drugs in prison. PleAse pray fir all if us!!

My daughter is 32, she has a beautiful little son to be 2 year old son. She is using, denys everything. I have burned through several thousands of dollars keeping her and the baby going. She was married and moved away to a nothern state with the baby at 6 months. after a ruined marriage I got he back with just her clothes and the baby. I am out of money but I cannot bare the thought of that baby out there being dragged back and forth, living in a car seat. eating fast food all the time, never playing with toys. She is using him as a pawn to get me to give money. refuses to work. I am at my wits end. I am married but the step parent thing is not a good mix. they do not get along because of the way she uses me. I have called DCF and they have seen her, talked to her and done really nothing. What is next. that baby has to have stability. I am 53 years old,we are not supposed to raise our grandchildren. but if that is what needs to happen then so be it. But where do I turn now? Law enforcment is not doing anything. Department of Children and Families nothing. What do I do now? who do I call?

Hi, I have a 27 year old daughter that has been involved with drugs since the age of 15, I have a lot of anger towards her, she has had numerous counsellors, psychiatrists, nothing has helped. She caused a lot of problems in my marriage, my husband got very sick. We are now divorced. I have a younger daughter that is a great support for me and I try to stay strong for. The system sucks! I am in Australia, the system in the US sounds just as pathetic. The TRUTH is that unless they acknowledge they have a problem and need help, there will be no cure. They are extremely selfish, self centred people , that do NOT have any consideration for anyone except themselves, We need to look after ourselves and the other family members that are prepared to do the right thing.I am sick of the lies, the theft, the self destruction, the violence, the moods, the GREED,what gives them the right to ruin other peoples lives, people that are trying to be functioning members of society??The fact is they need to be cut off, then they MIGHT just realise that what they are doing is NOT OK!! The ONLY thing I can think to do now is pray to GOD for strength and support , leave it in his capable hands and get on with my life, and try to let her go.It has taken me a long time to realise that there is NOTHING I can do about it. 041b061a72

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