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At The Actors Cove we have fostered a space of inclusivity, encouragement and determination. All our classes and courses use a person-centred approach, adapting our content so that the class are specifically for you. We respond to the people in the room and all tutors are experienced in communicating with specific, technique-based notes. There is no 'breaking people down to build them up'. We believe in honest, kind, clear communication and allowing actors the space to build themselves and each other up from the start. We encourage a sense of community, compassion, support, creative rigour,  and celebration of creative risk-taking. We believe in clear boundaries and respecting everyone's identity and feelings, whilst pushing actors to be braver and step out of the their perfomance comfort zone. We welcome actors of all experience levels and take the time to ensure you are working with other people that will push you.

Whether you're a working actor, a recent graduate or an experienced veteran, whether you're looking for inspiration, training or an acting workout, there is a place for you. 

Our students are from all over the world and all bring something unique, exciting and valuable to the community. We are committed to an inclusive and accessible approach to training. Come and join us.

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