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About us

The Affordable Actor Training Community

The Actors Cove was set up in August 2020, during the global pandemic, by Director and Coach Lotte Ruth Johnson. The Cove was set up as a place for actors of all backgrounds and experience levels to come together continue to make work, learn and stay connected. 

In October 2020, The Writing Cove was born, providing a space for explorative and collaborative script writing workshops.

Workshops include regular practice sessions such as the popular Scene Buddy Workshops and Writing Buddy Workshops, as well as specialist courses, one-off technique workshops and industry events.

The Actors Cove and it's members have fostered a sense of community, compassion, support, creative rigour, determination and celebration. We welcome Actors and Writers of all experience levels, whether a recent graduate, experience but stuck, whether looking for inspiration or just in need of some fun, there is a place for you. In 2021 The Actors Cove is bringing the same ethos into studios for in-person acting workshops, as well as continuing the popular online classes.

Our students attend from all over the world and all bring something unique, exciting and valuable to the community. We are committed to an inclusive and accessible approach to training. Come and join us.

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